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Our school is delightfully situated in a village (Ligowo) that in located in central part of Poland. The school is well-known for its hard-work, diligence, creativity and altruism. There are 209 students, 17 teachers and 4 staff workers in our school. The school is well equipped. There are 10 classrooms, two modern ICT rooms and a small gym. Since the year 2009 there is a kindergarden in our school. It works 4 hours a day from 10am to 2 pm. The school is situated in an area of great scenic beauty. Nearby our village there is a river Skrwa( 5km) with its picturesque views. There are also lakes in a tourist town Skępe ( 10km).
A tourist attraction in our hometown are some tourist routes that make our neighbourhood attractive for everyone who likes being active .The most popular form of spending a free time is cycling in spring and summer and sleigh riding in winter. All inhabitants would agree unanimously that not only Fauna and Flora nearby Ligowo is worth admiring but also people are hospitable and friendly.



NIP 776-15-90-119
Phone/Fax 242765160

voivodeship: MAZOWIECKIE

History of Primary School in Ligowo

The history of our school is very long and interesting. The first branch of school was opened in 1848 in nearby village Osiek. It was at times when pupils were forced to use Russian language to communicate. In 1875 the fire broke up and the school burnt down. As a result the school was transferred to Ligowo. School classrooms were situated in different parts of Ligowo. There were not many pupils who participated in lessons so as to it was not obligatory. During World War II the school was closed. Most of teachers were arrested. The only teacher who stayed was a headmaster Wiktor Wojciechowski who proved his Lithuanian citizenship. After War school was opened again. It was located in former manor house. The year 1991 was the year of great changes. It was decided that the school will be rebuild. Now most of the lessons are held in a new part of a school.

School’s headmasters

1945 - Wiktor Wojciechowski
1946 - 1967 Tadeusz Kowalski
1967 - 1984 Irena Gumińska
1984 - 1991 Marianna Kierzkowska
1991 - 2001 Małgorzata Grudzińska
2001- Krystyna Cymerman

All about Ligowo
Ligowo is a village situated in the administrative district of Gmina Mochowo, within Sierpc County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland. It lies approximately 13 kilometres south-west of Sierpc and 123 km north-west of Warsaw. The village has a population of 460.The nearest big city is Płock ( 45km) and Toruń (90km).
Ligowo is a village whose inhabitants work in the fields or commute between Ligowo and Sierpc or Płock. There is also a considerable percentage of people who have no job. Unemployment is what bothers the inhabitants most.

In Ligowo there is/are:

2 Heaths Centres
6 shops
2 second hand shops
A bust stop
The post office
A petrol station
A bar
A school
A Church
A cemetery

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